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What Others Say

Jan 22, 2022

"Thank you so much Diane. We really appreciate the wonderful work you do at our place! It makes it so lovely when we come back for the summer."  Judy and Lynn

March, 2021

Feb, 2021

Diane ~

Thank-you for all the work & reshaping around the Home front! I feel such a relief to have your help & knowledge!

Let me know when you might come next . . .

~ Susan

"When I started my native plant nursery, I focused all my energy on it, and my own property got minimal attention. By this spring, it was overwhelming to even think about tackling it on my own. I didn’t know who to contact that could take it on. It had become wilderness. The paths needed to be cleared, the blackberries removed, trees and shrub trimmed or cut down, and more.

I found Diane and had her come take a look. She was not intimidated by the project, knew exactly what to do, and went right to work – first on the blackberries, which she dug out by the roots, then on the paths.

Over several weeks, she opened the garden back up, weeded the horsetail and ranunculus which had taken over, then laid down cardboard and covered it with mulch so that the weeds would not return any time soon.

She also lined up helpers to keep the costs down for me. I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants a gardening job done well, at a reasonable fee. She is easy to work with, reliable, versatile, knowledgeable, and fast. Please contact me if you have questions."

Pat Parks, 206-713-3914

" I am happy to recommend Diane Emerson as a person who can help you formulate ideas about making your own garden the unique place you dream about.

She has a great love of the natural world and has spent much of her life learning how to live lightly on the landscape; she can help you realize your plans in the most environmentally-aware way.

She is a hard worker on her own but also knows when she needs helpers.

She encouraged me to make a sweet little native-woodland path in an area of my yard that's been long neglected;

I've been very happy with her approach and her ability to help me appreciate what is possible here."

Susie Fitzhugh

It is with great pleasure to recommend the gardening design and maintenance services of Diane Emerson, of Vashon Island.

Diane began working for us as we prepared our garden for the 2017 Vashon Island Garden Tour. Initially she came recommended by the Vashon Maury Island Garden Club for her expertise in removing blackberries with a special shovel.

It was quickly apparent that Diane brought a broad expertise of gardening on two continents and numerous areas in the United States. She knows natural gardening techniques and believes in the reduction of toxic pesticides which fit in with our belief in a garden safe for wildlife and people.

With her design and maintenance work she became our partner in our preparations. With her tree and shrub pruning expertise, she opened up views to our pond, and widened the path around it. Though she shared her opinions on design ideas, (sometimes quite strongly), she, with a smile, always remembered that: “This is your garden.”

Together we pulled it off! One Garden Tour committee member said we did more work preparing for the tour than other gardeners on the tour.

We don’t know what we would have done without Diane’s partnership.

Since then Diane has continued to guide the maintenance of the garden, now with an assistant that can handle the heavy work. Together they can get a lot done in a day.

We all keep dreaming and planning expansion and fill ins. Diane always with a groan and a laugh finds a place for just one more plant I drag home!

She has been a joy to work with.


Linda and Richard Sedgley

Vashon Island, WA


Dear Diane:

Thank you for your work redesigning our yard and garden, refurbishing our soil; and, expertly pruning our trees and shrubs. I initially made contact with you because I was interested in your background in native plants, garden design and maintenance. I recall on our first meeting, you walked our property assessing the existing garden and taking notes. Afterward, I was delighted with your suggestions for change, and your willingness to work with me and my husband at a manageable pace. I loved that you suggested rearranging existing shrubs and grasses, while adding some new ones including native plants. Adding stairs and garden paths to direct movement certainly makes the garden feel friendlier. While our yard redesign is still in progress, it is a yard that I’m now feeling pleasure in looking at. Thank you, and husband Michael, for your work. I look forward to continuing garden development in the spring.


Karen Bray

November 6, 2019

I am so thankful for having Diane assist me with a landscaping project. The goal of the project was to hide an ugly concrete block in our driveway and to create an attractive entrance to our property. Diane immediately dove right in. She provided me with an abundance of suggestions and information to get started. It ended up being a pretty extensive project (laying paths, planting over 100 heaths and heathers on a slope, plus another 200 bulbs) which I thought would require way more time and expense. Yet not so, as Diane is incredibly efficient, practical, and resourceful; mind you, all this is done with only her bike and tools. She actively participated in the installation of the project while carefully managing any additional crew. In addition, she allowed me to equally participate in the design and work as she gently guided me along. I found Diane to have a strong ability to see, know, and do what is best for a spot of land. I would not hesitate to use her services again.


November 1, 2019

Hey Diane, I so appreciate your work. You are so expert, and so thorough. You are fast and efficient and I feel like I get good bang for my bucks! Julie Hempton txt message Oct 5, 2019

I am thrilled to have met you, and even more thrilled to have you as part of our garden team! I love working with you, and it’s really exciting to have this all coming together. Catherine D’Lish, referring to her flower garden design. April, 2019

Dear Diane,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my Cottage Garden project, which was begun 17 years ago. In all that time, the plants were watered, but never pruned. You took that overgrown patch and turned it into a really beautiful area. Your efforts have allowed me to have an easier time of future maintenance rather than looking at it, thinking, how on Earth should I bring all that growth under control. I am appreciative of both the pruning decisions you made and the fact that a messy job is done. Thank you again.

Hasta luego,

Dianne Hyer

July 2018

Thank you Diane! I appreciate your time. And I really appreciate your ability to see the weak spots that I have learned to ignore because I didn't have a clear answer to. Looking forward to the possibility of getting this bindweed under control. Adria Magrath, April, 2018

"Diane, you are a gardening wizard! I can't thank you enough for your help." Kay Pieringer

"You have done a wonderful job!" Jill Janow

I helped Jill convert her half-acre lawn over to mini-clover eco-turf

Diane is very efficient with her time. She knows exactly what is needed in an overgrown and weedy yard. My hill is mostly hard, dry clay and she was able to conquer an eye sore. She weeded and also left the nice plants healthier.

She accomplished in two hours what I would have plucked away at all month. I also appreciate that she takes a non toxic approach. She gave me knowledgeable recommendations for planting.

I enjoyed having Diane at my home.

Mary M. Robinson

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