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Specializing in the needs of Vashon Island homeowners who care deeply about their gardens, and those who are just learning about gardening.

Winter is the best time to dig out blackberries and plant live stakes. This video covers how to remove blackberries with a sawtooth shovel, and then what to do to fill the space left by the blackberries with live stakes or bare root plants from the Vashon Maury Island Land Trust sale.

New Video on the Importance of Native Plants

Every 30 seconds in the United States, a football field-sized chunk of natural area disappears due to development, according to research from the Center for American Progress. Most of the natural areas lost in the past two decades were on privately-owned land, which accounts for about 60% of all land in the country. We need to do everything we can to counter this loss of natural habitat. If we don't, we will lose our native birds and mammals - faster than any of us can even imagine.


This video addresses the importance of native plants in our landscapes.


The video was funded by the King County Wastewater Treatment Division

Partner: Vashon Nature Center

The content herein does not constitute an endorsement by King County government, its employees, or its elected and appointed officials.

Some of my services....

Are your Japanese maples and ornamental shrubs not nearly as ornamental as they should be?

Do you want to plant a pollinator garden, and could use some guidance?

hen yuou mo

Are you interested in growing your own food or medicine, and having it beautiful as well as functional?

Are you overwhelmed with your garden, and want to find ways to reduce the maintenance, but keep the beauty or the food?

Do you have some old apple trees that really need to be pruned, but you're not sure how to prune them?

Are you thinking of selling your home, and need the landscape looking its best?

These, and many more projects I can help you with. Give me a call: 206-567-5492, or send an e-mail: [email protected]

Climate Change

Special Offer: Half Price off my services for customers who do not use fossil fuel in their homes, properties, or vehicles.

And here is an excellent article on what gardeners can do to help drawdown carbon from the atmosphere. I can advise and help you in all these areas....

Licensed and Insured. Master Pruner Certified.

Permaculture Design Certificate

Member, International Society of Arboriculture

Member, Vashon Chamber of Commerce

Member, Vashon Island Growers Association

Member, Vashon-Maury Island Fruit Club

Member, Vashon-Maury Island Garden Club

Manager, Garden Green